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In Delivery Trading securities can be bought and then deposited in the Demat account at the end of the day, thus making a delivery. There is no predefined time limit in case of the delivery based trading for selling the stocks. Like all other forms of stock trading delivery based trading also comes with its pros cons.

The biggest advantage of delivery based trading is that you are not bound with time for selling the stock. You can hold the stocks for as long as you want. So, you can always hold a stock until you are getting a significant profit from the investment. Therefore, with delivery based trading you can always take your time to take a decision and reduce the risk of losses.

Under this scenario you are always restricted to book profits, as the capital is always blocked. This makes the decision-making very restricted but that is where discipline is of prime importance.

A Delivery Trader always has a feeling that if I would have bought that stock instead of this one I would have made more money. In this scenario, it is a very common phenomenon that the trader gets out of the first trade at loss or lesser profit hoping to compensate the same in the next trade.

Here Discipline is a must! The point of entry and exit in a trade should always be predetermined as per the game plan.

We at Zoom Profits, in an endeavor to making anybody a success at Delivery Trading give this specific game plan in order for you to make maximum profits.

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