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We at are continuously striving to make every novice trader into an expert one. How? We all know that to make maximum profits you have to buy at the cheapest rate i.e. at the lowest point and sell it at the most expensive one i.e. the highest point. This is most commonly referred to as buy at bottoms and sell at tops. Now the million dollar question arises is how can you do this? Well that is exactly what we are there for. We provide you with live signals to "BUY", "SELL" or "HOLD" so as for you to enter into a trade, hold on to it and finally square off position as per the sell signal. Thats it ! It is as simple as that. We are using principles & techniques used by Gurus of the stock market for more than 100 years, enabling you to always land up at the right end of the trade i.e. making profits. Take a FREE Trial today and experience the stock market simplified for you.

Our Services


  • Day Trade Advise

    In Day Trading the securities are bought and held for the same day and the position is closed at the end of each day.This trading is different from swing trading...


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  • Delivery Trade Advise

    In Delivery Trading securities can be bought and then deposited in the demat account at the end of the day thus making a delivery. There is no predefined time limit in case ...


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